LowVolley.com - real-time tennis scoring software is designed for three types of users - teams, tournaments, and individuals.

Teams - USTA Leagues, High School Teams, College Teams

The Team solution is a fantastic way to keep all your team members, parents, fans, and anyone else updated with your real-time scores. Anybody following your team, can log in to see the current scores for all matches! In addition, the software will send you a score update once the match is over! (feature coming soon)

As a USTA team captain myself, I find that texting lineups and scores simply takes too much time. I always forget a few people and end up having at least two or more text conversations going at once, trying to keep everyone up-to-date with the scores. Now, with LowVolley, all I have to do is update the scores on the admin page. This page is so easy to use I can update three or more matches at a time while watching them, instead of texting.


LowVolley is also a great system to have if you are running a tournament. Set up a dedicated monitor at your check-in desk, to provide people a real-time scoreboard for all matches currently on court! It's just like the pro tournaments!


Many players have people that would like to keep track of their scores, but can't make it to every match. Parents, coaches, and fans can now keep up with every match. Simply sign up and give the public URL to your fans. They'll get an alert when your match starts (feature coming soon), and can log in to view your progress! All you need to do is update the admin page with the scores, or designate someone who will be at your match to update scores.

Please contact us with any comments or questions!